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This post is a detailed list of the first observations anyone might make upon meeting Johnny which aren't evident in his icons, for the reference of other players.


-he's Japanese in appearance but he has no trace of foreign accent, he's American through and through
-very light southern California accent
-he's quite short and small for a man, 5'6 and very slight. here he is next to some very tall folks
-he has small dainty hands
-his hair varies a lot in his icons but generally it looks like this

He has a buttload of scars. The most noteworthy ones which are frequently noticed in the book are his broken front incizor, and the burn scars that cover the insides of both forearms from wrist to elbow.

All scars are listed and detailed under the cut due to spoilers for House of Leaves as well as a major trigger warning for mentions of violence and child abuse.


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Alignment: True Neutral
Color: Purple
Element: Fire
Season: Winter
Zodiac: Gemini/Cancer cusp
Myers-Briggs: ISFP
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (barely)
Dæmon: Netherland dwarf rabbit (Novatiana)

Associated Tropes:
Lemony Narrator (I'd like to note that at times Johnny IS kind of narrating a Lemon)
Meaningful/Prophetic Name
Obfuscating Stupidity
Really Gets Around
Sir Swears-a-Lot
Through the Eyes of Madness
Unreliable Narrator

there are probably more but these were mined from a brief runthrough of the HoL page on TVTropes
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TRUANT: A playlist for Johnny Truant

1. the house is alive and the house is hungry | The Paper Chase
2. ▒▒▒▒Ω▒▒▒▒ | Ryan Roth
3. Angel | Massive Attack
4. Dear Johnny | Poe
5. Run Boy Run | Woodkid
6. Capsize | Big Black Delta
7. The Master (Teaser Trailer) | Jonny Greenwood, Paul Thomas Anderson, Joaquin Phoenix, Price Carson
8. We Share Our Mothers' Health | The Knife
9. Huggin & Kissin | Big Black Delta
10. Night Of The Living Junkies | Kendrick Lamar
11. If I Had A Heart | Fever Ray
12. Where Have Those Hands Been | The Paper Chase
13. Skeleton Key | Dessa
14. Gouge Away | Pixies
15. Amazed | Poe
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This is a dream he won't remember. )
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How to reach player?
PM: this account
AIM: woodironbone
Email: woodironbone [at] gmail

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging: Go for it.
Threadhopping: Probably fine.
Fourthwalling: Sure. He'd be really, really unamused.
Canon Puncture: If your character is likely to actually know such an obscure book, then go for it, and Johnny will have a breakdown, and it'll be great!!
Offensive Subjects: Johnny is a very mentally ill character, and while I aim to be flippant about a lot of this much of the time (I really don't want to throw a Pathos Parade), having some personal experience with (admittedly much less severe) mental illness, I'm also going to endeavor to be as sensitive to the realities of that as possible. I am going to be very disciplined about content warnings, but please don't hesitate to give me a gentle tap if I go a bridge too far.

[In Character]
Gender: Cis male
Sexual/romantic orientation: Heterosexual/heteroromantic turned bisexual/biromantic
Hugging this character: Not super huggy or huggable, unless he really needs it or he's feeling abnormally cuddly
Flirting with this character: Please do!
Giving this character a kiss: Please do!!
Something more intimate: Very much yes. Player is always in favor of threading The Full Sex.
Relationships: Definitely complicated, but I'm very open to exploring the possibility!
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: I'm here for dub-con and Johnny is historically bad at giving consent soooo yeah
Fighting with this character: Be prepared to totally kick his ass!
Injuring this character: He basically can't do anything without injuring himself
Killing this character: Nooo my babyyyy
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Do it, but his mind is a MESS
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The Player
Name/Nickname: Ellis
Age: 26
Pronouns: I am fine with either he/him or she/her, feel free to pick one or use them interchangeably
Contact: woodironbone on AIM, woodironbone [at] gmail
Experience: I've been writing (fanfiction, original prose) steadily for about thirteen years. My RP experience is limited to one-on-one, but I've been doing that for a long time as well.
Currently Played Characters: N/A

The Character
DW Account: [personal profile] johnny_truant
Name: Johnny Truant
Alias: Technically, Johnny Truant IS an alias, but his real name is never revealed.
Age/Birthdate: 28 / June 21, 1971
Species: Human
Canon: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
Canon Point: After the end of the novel. This is complicated, more details offered in the History section.
Played By: Kazunari Ninomiya


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